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Every user will be prompted to set your own promocode. Once your promocode has been set, there are 3 ways where you can earn.

  1. Your friend can key in your promocode when he is at the store.
  2. Your friend can also scan your QR code (promocode) in your phone, all your visited places will enter into his Inbox. When he is at the store, he just needs to redeem the promo in his inbox and you will automatically be reflected as the referrer to earn
  3. You can share your promocode via social media platforms like Whatsapp, Wechat, Youtube, Twitter, Telegram etc. However, only for Email and Whatsapp, the link you share via the app will directly open from Blazz app to the promo if you open the link via mobile phone.

Whenever any of the above 3 steps happens, you will receive a notification indicating who had used your promocode at where and shows the amount you had earned as Blazz Points under your account.


Blazz is not an e-wallet so you are not able to use Blazz Points to pay. You can still use OVO, Gopay, Dana, Cashbac or cash/credit card for your usual payment depending on each merchant. Blazz just allows you to redeem and enjoy discount and share to earn referrals. Hence, you do not need to add any credit card in the app. All you need is download and redeem the promos.            

No. Your Blazz points are just cash when you are able to receive your money. They will remain there forever until you cashout. There will be no expiry date for your Blazz Points earnings.

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You can send a message to our email or you can send a message to our Customer Service